PitPat Pet activity monitor review

PitPat Pet – The perfect activity monitor for both me and my dogs.

Monitoring my own activity

I work in Cambridge where I manage the Social Media for a range of different clients which means apart from going to client meetings I can usually be found behind my desk with my eyes clued to my screen – It can be difficult to make sure I am getting enough exercise to keep me happy and healthy which is why I use my FitBit to monitor my steps and activity, But what about my pets?


How much exercise is enough for my dog?

I sometimes feel like the worst dog parent because I often wonder if my dogs are getting the exercise they need. The girls get walked everyday and at weekends we take them out with us everywhere but how much is enough exercise? and what are they getting up to when i’m at work? I also wrote an article on the benefits of taking your dog to work, sadly not all of us have that luxury!


Keeping an eye on my dog whilst i’m away

I recently found out about Pitpat who are interestingly based in Cambridge too! PitPat is an activity monitor that clips to your dog’s collar and connects to your phone through a bluetooth app. The App sets a daily goal for your pet to reach and breaks down your pets activity by running, walking, playing and resting…Now I can keep my eye on what they have been up to whilst i’ve been away.


Be proactive about exercise

I also find a little like my FitBit it makes me a lot more proactive about exercise, The guilt sets in if I know they haven’t had enough play time which makes me go that extra mile (literally). That’s not to say that the best thing about PitPat is making you feel guilty, of course it’s not but it keeps me up to date with what is necessary in order to keep my dogs happy and fit. (and me!).


PitPat survived the test!

I was a little nervous at first about how secure our new PitPat would be on Gin’s collar, if you watched our Insta-stories you may have seen that it survived the Pepe test! It went all the way down a rabbit hole and came back up with Pepe fully secure! However, I did decide that I would monitor Gin’s activity as Pepe runs circles around her.


The little monitor is perfect, It doesn’t bother your pet and is light and small which fits perfectly. It is also waterproof with a long battery life of a year! Although I didn’t let Gin jump in the water with it on, Not before I had double checked!


Setting achievable goals

PitPat will create realistic and achievable goals for you pet based on weight, age and breed. You can count calories and measure the time of exercise. After every walk all I need to do is turn my bluetooth on, Open the app and click the big orange paw on Gin’s monitor, in just a few short seconds all of the information is up and running and I can browse everything she has been up to from when she has been left at home to great adventures!


Maintaining good health and wellbeing

It’s so important to maintain our health and the health of our pets. Too many times I see dogs not getting the exercise they deserve in order to give them the brain function and interaction they need. I am a big advocate for this product and have seen a big change to the way I view my dogs activity. After all a healthy dog is a happy dog!

You can order your PitPat here: Trust me, you won’t regret it!