Botanical Pet Spa Collection by Bone and Home

How often should you wash your dog?

How often you wash your dog depends heavily on the breed as well as their cleanliness… I certainly wouldn’t advocate washing for washing sake although when you have a shampoo and conditioner set that smells as good as The Bone and Home Botanical Pet Spa Collection it is hard to come up with excuses why you wouldn’t!

Bone and Home

You could strip the natural oils from your dog’s coat

Washing your dog too often in soapy chemical shampoos can strip the natural oils from your dog’s coat however Bone and Home use nourishing ingredients in their products to cleanse the skin from dirt and odour whilst leaving the coat shiny and smooth. Not forgetting leaving a lasting aroma of essential oils and Tangerines!

Bone and Home

Bathing your dog is great for bonding

Bathing the girls gives the perfect excuse for special one on one attention. Ginger loves a massage and a scratch! Especially when it happens twice for both Shampoo and Conditioner.

Bone and Home

It is important to use a conditioner for your dog’s coat

Although it takes a little longer, I think it is important to use conditioner on your dog’s coat… I mean, you wouldn’t shampoo your own hair without conditioning it after would you?

Bone and Home

A special treat from Bone and Home

The Bone and Home Botanical Pet Spa Collection, is a truly indulgent spa experience for your pet which has been just what the doctor ordered! It is nice to have a treat once in a while… Or every month?

Bone and Home

We couldn’t stop bathing the dogs

After trying out the delicious smelling shampoo and conditioner it was round two! Yes, If you haven’t visited us before I have four dogs. I had planned on trying out the Bone and Home pet spa collection on just one stinking hound but the results were so brilliant we decided to wash the lot!

Bone and Home

Choose from a range of fragrances

The Bone and Home Botanical Pet Spa Collection is as luxurious as it sounds but is a new favourite of ours. There are other fragrances as well as Tangerine though if you fancy something else. Choose from Organic Peppermint or Organic Lavender.

bone and home

All of my dogs are left smelling so great I can’t stop snuggling them. It is a win win for both me and my dogs.

Get the Bone and Home Natural Dog Grooming Products here: 

smell you later!


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  • Aww it looks like they really enjoy their bath time! I used to have a golden retriever who liked to swim in the river.. Not so much of a lovely smelling pup after. I like the sound of this set, the previous dog shampoo’s I’ve tried smell overly strong and not too friendly.

  • Beach Hut Cook

    That product looks great and what lovely photos. Must have your house smell gorgeous too as they walk around.

  • Shubhada Bhide

    So cute dog, This product looks so interesting and great. This is helpful also for dog lovers and I will definitely share this product with my friends.

  • IG:Suetanyamchorgh

    I always wonder how often i should bathe my dog. I used to do it twice per week and then he became really flaky. I agree that bathing your dog is indeed great bonding.

  • Thats wonderful. I am sure dogs appreciate it as much.


  • Ashley

    My dog loves bathtime!!! I’ll definitely have to check this out. She would probably enjoy it 🙂

  • They are sooo cute! <3
    My dog doesn't really like to bath, she hates being wet 😀

  • Hanna J Smith

    IF I was able to bathe my dog without a 4 hour fight it would totally be bonding time lol But I will totally be trying this shampoo! I dont care for the one that we just picked up for the dogs.

  • This is interesting. I have friends who have dogs and I always wondered how often they were bathed. I thought it was daily!

  • Looks like a really great brand! We send our Harley Girl to the salon for her baths but I always make sure she gets the best products possible.

  • Emily Vinyard

    This is a great product for pet owners! I honestly wouldn’t know when or how often to wash my dog (if I had one). Being such a neat freak, I’d do it as often as they seemed to have an odor, and then feel bad if it was too often…

  • Donquita Felton

    I love the premise behind this product and anything that is less harsh I am for. When I own a dog I will try these.

  • Thena Reading-Franssen

    Love this product. Seems really cool and something I would try for our pets.

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    Your dog looks so adorable. These stuff for dogs looks so good and great. I would definitely give it a try.