World of Angus Dog Shampoo and Dog Balm

Keeping skin healthy and hydrated

I’m quite good at looking after my own skin, I try and keep my skin hydrated and moisturised every day but it is also important for us to keep our dogs skin healthy and hydrated too! World of Angus sent us a delicious smelling Lavender Geranium Palmarosa shampoo for Pepe months and months ago and we still LOVE using it! It has Aloe Vera in it to keep her skin hydrated and Olive oil to keep her coat glossy. There are no chemicals in this product so all of the fragrance is from the essential oils.



World of Angus Paw Balm

We also received a little pot of Paw Balm… Now, this isn’t something I would usually think of buying so I am really pleased I had the opportunity to try it out for myself. The proof is in the pudding! This stuff is brilliant! World of Angus Dog Balm isn’t just for paws though, Its perfect for little dry spots, crusty noses and cracked paw pads. This Dog Balm soothes dry and irritated skin and is made with Olive oil, Shea butter and Beeswax, and infused with healing herbs. Yum.


Pepe and Co


Taking Pepe out with me in the city

Pepe will often pop in to town with me for a coffee because I am always on the hunt for new dog friendly places in Cambridge. This also means she does a lot of walking. Dogs paw pads protect the bones in their feet. A dog’s paw pads are exposed to all sorts of conditions, from stones, tarmac, thistles and salt water! So to keep Pepe’s pads free from splits and cracks I use this.


World of Angus


How to use World of Angus Dog Balm

Open up the little pot, Its like a Vaseline tub, take out a scoop no larger than your finger nail and rub it deep in to your dog’s paw pads focusing on dry and cracked areas and the metacarpal pad (the big one in the middle) This one acts as a shock absorber.


dog balm


I also tend to rub a little bit on Pepe’s nose so it doesn’t get all dry at the ends! Although it tastes so good she ends up licking it all off… There is also a bit of dry skin she gets behind her ears which I add a splodge to, Pepe loves it because she feels like she is getting a massage.


pepe and co


Keeping your dog happy

If you want to try the Dog Balm you can get yours from here:  World of Angus is a Canadian brand but they do ship world wide and have UK stock! So you can still order it without having to wait forever!

Thank you World of Angus for keeping Pepe happy!


pepe and co

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post, Although World of Angus gifted products to us, All views and opinions are my own. I would never write about something in my blog that I didn’t truly believe in or recommend to my friends.


Pepe and Co x