Wild Wash Dog Shampoo Review

Wild Wash Dog Shampoo Review:

Pepe, named after the black and white skunk from Looney Tunes lives up to her name. I took her for a walk in Norfolk across the fields and it wasn’t long before she went missing and by ‘missing’ I mean down a rabbit hole. It’s tricky because in order for her to fully enjoy her walk she needs to be off her leash which leads to her bogging off down a Rabbit warren. Needless to say, When she got back she was in desperate need for a freshen up.

national park

So it was straight in the tub for Pepe which gave me the perfect excuse to try out our new Wild Wash Shampoo.wild wash shampoo

The Fragrance

I chose Fragrance No.1 which is a Ylang Ylang and Magnolia which are both balancing and regulating, which ensures healthy growth, good coat texture, hydration and shine.

wild wash shampoo

It also has natural antioxidants that protect from the environment. Oh and it smells amazing. The Jo Malone of the dog world. Yep, I said it.

smelling magnolia

So I followed the instructions, prior to shampooing, brushed Pepe’s coat to loosen the dirt and for dogs with a longer coat, detangle. I drenched Pepe’s coat with warm water and applied Wild Wash shampoo. It advised that for optimum results, I should leave on for a few minutes to allow the botanicals and essential oils to do their work but we just gave it a minute and rinsed it off thoroughly.

dog in the bath

We don’t write posts about products we don’t truly love, WE LOVE THIS! I am happy because my little terrier smells delicious and Pepe is over the moon because I can’t stop cuddling her! Thank You Wild Wash…

There is also a perfume fragrance spray to match…

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