That Time Kanye West Inspired My Dog

So its no secret that Instagram influencers are some of the highest paid affiliates around now, the use of Instagram has been recognised as the perfect way for brands to organically reach and target customers without the direct sales chat.

adidas dog


Pepé has been reached out to by companies to try out their delicious food, attend their pup friendly locations even promote an Adidog hoodie (This is where it all started) and whilst this is exactly what we wanted, a way to shout about the amazing pet products there are on the market and really show our readers that you can incorporate your dog in so many more ways in to your life. Dog friendly IS a thing and there are places that actually accept them, as children…


yeezy dog

yeezy dog

Completely oblivious to the idea that this might actually affect Pepé – I wasn’t expecting the repercussions that it seems to have had. There is no other way to explain it other than Pepé is a diva. She now will only eat gourmet food… (in her eyes)… roast duck, poached salmon with parsley.

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Self absorbed

She also expects a certain level of attention, that would make even the worlds biggest dog lover uncomfortable. Is there no end to this behaviour? Is this the price you pay for instagram followers? Am I a bad parent? Because the positive reinforcement method doesn’t seem to be working…


dog watching balmain

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