Let’s Talk Poo Bag Holders – from Fendi to Primark

Lets talk poo bag holders – from Fendi to Primark. As responsible dog owners we all need to carry poo bags! Caught short and all hell breaks loose…(have you ever used old receipts from the bottom of your handbag because you seem to have accrued an audience? Well I have and it wasn’t pretty…) So can we make it a little less ugly? One thing we have noticed as bloggers, you don’t always need to buy ‘dog specific’ products for it to work for you and your dog, plus its often cheaper! So lets mix it up, break the rules. (Just not the ones that can result in a maximum fine).

primark poo bag holder

I’ve pulled together the coolest purses to stuff with poo bags, no matter your budget! from Fendi to Primark (below). This one is actually from Primark. It doesn’t have a clip but It does have places to add on to your dog lead. Or just drop it straight in to your bag. Don’t wrestle with rolls of poo bags stuck to chewing gum. Theres no need! This is all you need to carry in your bag now.

poo bag holder

Personally. I LOVE poo bag holders. Our newest cool accessory. Next time your dog decides to crap at the traffic lights and those teenage boys honk their horn at you, you can wave and smile! Its never been so cool… (Ok, maybe not but its not so bad!!) you’re SO prepared and the only thing people will be looking at is your cool AF purse. Yep! We have finally mastered the embarrassing poo picking.

If you have any embarrassing stories, let us know! We can all sit around and laugh about that awful time the poo bag had a hole in it… *cringe*

Here are our favourites