Mastering Mail Chimp

If you don’t use Mail Chimp, then you probably should! Design and create beautiful newsletters straight to your readers inbox… Its that simple.. You can add all your top blog posts of that month in to your newsletter, your best instagram photos and really engage with your readers.

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I’ve been using Mail Chimp for years and other more complicated email marketing systems as a digital marketing exec for other brands, So I know that Mail Chimp is the easiest to use. Unless you want to set up A/B testing and segment your email marketing lists… Mail chimp is where its at. It’s super easy, and i’m going to show you the best ways to increase your mailing list.

But first of all, You might be thinking – I use Bloglovin’ that reminds my followers when I have a new post…Or they sign up to my blog with WordPress (or similar). Girl, NO! Using Mail Chimp gives you FULL creative reign… You can do what the hell you want!!

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I’ve seen a couple of posts recently saying that Bloglovin’ is the best way to capture readers, I disagree… I love Bloglovin’ don’t get me wrong and I will be the first to admit that it brings in readers to my blog, but I am competing with every other blogger out there, which is already difficult enough. Plus, I turned my Bloglovin’ notifications off about a week after because unless I have the time to sit on my bed looking at everyones Bloglovin’ pages, I don’t have the time to click on the notifications.

  1. Create a sign up form

mail chimp forms



2. Create a pop up for your blog

mail chimp pop up form

3. Add the Mail Chimp App to your blog Facebook page

You can capture sign ups from different social media channels… Those apps down the side of your page? They aren’t just for show you know… Maximise the potential. It’s worth it.

mail chimp app for Facebook


4. Start adding to your list – Import CSV files or invite friends to sign up to get the ball rolling!

Getting a ticket in to someones inbox is very powerful! I mean, yeah, they may follow you on Instagram, but how often do they go back to your home feed, click the link in your bio… bla bla when really all they want to do is stalk the latest trends. Not often enough. So when you see Instagrammers with thousands of followers, remember… thats not everything. Targeted marketing of YOUR brand is. Be it a start up beauty blog, A food blog… literally anything.

5. Create a template with all your social media channels

Once you have readers to send emails to, you can include your other social media outlets in your email! You can add buttons, links, pictures… you name it.

mail chimp template


I hope this post has helped, If you enjoyed reading and would like to see more of these sort of posts comment below and… Sign up to my mailing list 😉


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