Top 3 Mac lipstick shades

MAC lipstick is one of my favourites, not only because everyone else does, but because they have every possible shade and finish there is which is perfect for any skin tone.

Here are a three of my favourite MAC lipstick shades, I wanted to share my favourites as i’m often asked which ones i’m wearing. Don’t forget though, they all look different depending on your skin tone. So unless you are sure or want to take the risk, pop in to your local MAC store. Perfect for brightening up your look this winter; And they aren’t the obvious ones…

pepe and co mac lipstick swatch

Lady Danger (Vibrant Orange Red)

Every girl needs a red lipstick in their makeup bag.. but if you’re going to go red. THEN GO RED. Lady danger is actually one of the most popular shades at MAC, but I needed to include this one! Its so bright, so hot and is the go to lipstick for your all black outfits. Whether its black jeans and a jacket, or a LBD. Lady Danger is the perfect shade of red for any skin tone. I have olive skin. (why is it even called olive?) and it works well, Particularly if I have a tan or some gold bronzer. But if you have fair skin or really dark skin, The orangey red colour is still perfect! Be daring, be dangerous!

lady danger mac lipstick

Viva Glam – Satin (Peach Pink)

This one is so cute, I like wearing it to brighten up those over sized jumper looks… Or with my grey duster coat. It works perfectly with those subtle tones. Definitely one to have in the makeup bag!

viva glam peach pink mac lipstick

ON AND ON – (Blue shimmer)

blue glitter mac lipstick

Now you might be thinking this is a bit risqué but it can be applied lightly as a iridescent sparkle or a deep blue glitter lip. I love how versatile ON AND ON is and it wouldn’t be one I would usually pick. Luckily I got it for Christmas! Because I LOVE IT. This one is my favourite right now… watch out!

on and on mac lipstick

Let me know your favourite shade! I can’t wait to try them out.

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