Growlees Dog Tags – Sloane Pup Style

Understated but never compromising on the statement

If you’re looking for something to compliment your pup’s style without over-doing the dog outfits. Be a little more understated but don’t compromise on the statement. Growlees Dog Tags are one of our favourite new accessories in the canine fashion world and I want to share our favourite ones!

pepe and co growlees

No Basic Bitch

When it comes to describing Pepe, It isn’t long before I start talking about her ‘sass’. I even went so far as to write a post about how my dog is influenced by society *joke* – But that’s another story… Needless to say, there is nothing basic about this bitch.

Are you a Growlmama?

Growl Mama – A different take on the standard Dog Blog, Growlmama talk about swoon worthy statement pieces and street style pup culture; Everything swag from Adidas originals to your dogs next stylish pet pad have brought out their own collection of stylish dog products.


When I found out they were making statement dog tags for the seemingly outspoken fash-hound I knew we had to get a piece of the action. And who else better to model but Pepe? So fetch she could make fetch happen.

Jimmy Chewer – The High Fashion Canine Chomper

Pepe and Co

Jimmy Chewer – naughty but classy

Our favourites

Growlees were kind enough so send us our favourites! Jimmy Chewer, I’m no basic bitch and More Rah Rah than a Chihuahua – These dog tags show off the personality of your hound and are the coolest edition to your dog’s s-wag.

Pepe and Co Growlees

I love ‘More Rah Rah than Chihuahua, Whilst Peps is a Jack Russell, The kind that shoots down rabbit holes and rolls around in Fox Poo – A typical sporting pooch (This one would be apt too)…

growlees au de fox

Sloane Bruncher

With a distinctly fashionable lifestyle, Sloane bruncher and if she could talk I imagine it would be overtly rah rah. Irritatingly so ma ma.

Pepe and Co

Growlees are £10 a tag and have world wide shipping! You’ll want to pick yours quick because these little babies are selling out real quick…

I’m really excited to see what Growlees have in store for us this year. A new collection… Watch this space.


Pepe and Co x