Edgard and Cooper dog food review

Are Edgard and Cooper as good as they look?

We were recently sent a wonderful box bursting with delicious food for Pepe and Co to try out. I’m always a sucker for beautiful branding but we wanted to find out if Edgard and Cooper was as good as it looks.

The no-nonsense approach to dog food…

A company that gives back and where fresh means fresh! FYI, that means the meat hasn’t been frozen, processed or rendered which locks in the goodness.

The taste test

Pepe and Poppy were in charge of taste testing for this blog post and they loved it!

Fresh Lamb with apple and carrot

Even in the dried complete food I could tell that the kibble was made with high quality ingredients… It wasn’t dried out or crumbly in fact it looked as if it had just beed baked!

Fresh Salmon & Trout with spinach and apple

When reviewing dog food its important that not only do my dogs enjoy the taste but it holds a nutritional benefits. Edgard and Cooper add fruit, vegetables and herbs to their food which give added yum!

Fresh Chicken with tomato and blueberry

The girls preferred the Tomato and Blueberry kibble the most, Chicken is always their favourite! Edgard and Cooper make sure that every handful has all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they need in each meal.

Turkey with coconut and chia

I must admit, I usually just feed the girls dry kibble – It’s good for their digestion, teeth and coats but I may be converted! These little packs of meat are just what they ordered! They are also perfect for on the road trips or if the girls don’t have their usual appetite.

The proof is in the pudding! You can tell that this food isn’t over processed and full of rubbish, and whilst that isn’t a particularly scientific explanation – It’s true! I want my dogs to be eating wholesome goodness that is nutritious and easily digestible… In fact, Poppy loved it so much she couldn’t wait for some more!

Pepe and Poppy really enjoyed their Edgard and Cooper food and across the whole range I can see that this is a brand that have truly thought about what is going in to their products. It is easy to get sold on beautiful packaging and with so many options out there its difficult to make the ‘right’ decision. But ask yourself, Is your dog getting enough out of their food? Do they love it? I know my girls really enjoyed Edgard and Cooper!

All opinions expressed are my own, I only write about products or brands I think my readers will love or a product my dogs will love. If you’d like to find out more about Edgard & Cooper you can click here: