Review: Cuffleberry & Co Gourmet Dog Food

When Cuffleberry got in touch with us and asked us if we would like to review their new gourmet dog food, Pepe licked her lips at the prospect of being sent some delicious food and I wondered, What makes Cuffleberry any different to the rest?

pepe and co review cuffleberry dog food

1. First impressions… WOW, These guys have really thought about this! They spent the time and effort to write us a lovely note, packaged perfectly in a wicker picnic basket filled with beautifully packaged meals for Pepe.
cuffleberry dog food hamper

We had a tin of Beef, Venison, Apricots & Green beans, a tin of Venison, Duck, Cranberry and green beans, a pot of White fish, Sweet potato, Peas & Parsley and one last pot of Pork, Ham, Apple & Celery.

First we tried the Pork, Ham, Apple & Celery pot – It smelt so good Pepe couldn’t wait for the lid to be taken off! (I tried taking a cool photo of her but she ruined it straight away) 10 out of 10 for smell!

pork and ham cuffleberry dog food

The next day, I opened up the basket and Pepe jumped around like a Jack in a box! All the time keeping her eyes firmly on her new grub. As you can see her eyes never stray away from her plate…

cuffleberry dog food review

In most of the Cuffleberry meals you can see chunks of meat, Parsley and Green beans. Which is actually exactly what we wanted, not a load of crap mulched in. I like to think I give my dog the best possible dog food… and why not? She deserves it!

cuffleberry dog food

So lets get down to the nitty gritty, its beautifully packaged, fantastically marketed, it has fancy ingredients but is this food as nutritious for your dog as it looks and how easy is it to purchase? Well you can order it directly from Cuffleberry of course, but its also on the shelves in supermarkets! My local Tesco stocks the whole range on the shelves.

cuffleberry dog food review

Let’s cut to the chase, 2 tins, 2 pots down, a happy dog and a happy owner. Pepe as some of you may have noticed is a very lean and slim Jack Russell, finding food for her that she will actually eat (without it being roast dinner, poached salmon and beef wellington) has been the bain of my life at times. So if anyone can test gourmet dog food with a critical palette its Pepe. No word of a lie. She LOVED it and I can safely say it looks good enough to eat myself.

We can see Cuffleberry & Co doing very well! Thank you for our samples of gourmet dog food, Pepe loved them.

If you’d like more info, head over to Cuffleberry & Co and take your pick! We recommend the white fish… Yum.