Covent Garden

There are lots of lovely places you can eat outside and have your dog accompany you, but how many places actually offer things for your dog on the menu?

dog food menu

We went to The Shake Shack! and aside from having Bag O’Bones and Pooch-ini on the menu for your pup. They do THE most delicious crinkle cut fries topped with their speciality cheese sauce. Ooft. To take a look at the whole menu click here:

cheesey fries

The Shake Shack can get crazy busy on weekends and certainly in the holidays, so its not uncommon to wait 5 minutes for a good spot! But you wouldn’t go in a restaurant that was dead now would you?

dog cuddle

Whist you are enjoying your meal, there is so much going on around you it makes a brilliant distraction from your meal! People watching is Pepé’s favourite!


well… not for long…

dog eating bacon

cobbled streets

Once you have eaten your meal and done at least an hour of people watching whilst slurping on a super cold milk shake. There are plenty of things in Covent Garden to do that don’t include dragging your pup round the shops. There is more often than not a show of some sort going on in the square which is great! If you’re really lucky you can purch on the side and get yourself a pitch side view.

pippa the boxer

Its really difficult for me to go to Covent Garden without a visit to Ladurée… Pepé, you can wait outside…

dog and wagon

Laduree Macarons

Whilst I don’t usually recommend feeding your dog your own treats, She just tried a little bit. and she loved it! If you want some proper, doggie treats then click here for a pack of four dog doughnuts by WeLoveToCreate. They look amazing too!

dog eating macaron

When you take the country dog in to the city… Pepé couldn’t quite comprehend the audacity of these pigeons!?

dog chasing pigeons

You can totally take your dog on the Overground, Underground, Busses & some taxis in London! so there is no holding pack when taking your pooch to the big smoke. Just be aware that it can get quite noisy underground, if you think your dog will be absolutely terrified then I suggest taking the bus.

dog looking out the window

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  1. Tan rolled leather lead from Dogs & Horses