Columbia Road Flower market – East London on a Sunday

Columbia Road Market is the place to go on a Sunday morning… Over night this place fills up with an abundance of flowers that line the streets. Either get there super early. The early bird gets the worm! Or you can leisurly rock up at around 2pm as things are winding down to get the last bargains of the day before it closes down at 3pm!
pepe at columbia road flower market

If you’re in London town on a Sunday, then its worth getting up a little earlier (hangover or not) to wander down Columbia Road… its a bloggers heaven! Gorgeous flowers, great little boutiques and some pretty brilliant coffee shops. You’ll be surprised about the galleries, pottery shops and fragrance shops.
flower trays columbia road market

You can get enough vibrant flowers to fill your house for next to nothing! With trays, pallets and buckets bursting at the seams there is certainly something you’ll love.

bethnal green columbia road

The closest tube stop is Bethnal green, then its just a short walk to Columbia road, just follow the hoards of people and the gorgeous bouquets people are walking back with!

hydrangeas and pepe the dog

It can get super busy so if your pup isn’t the best in crowds or can get nervous, i’d advise carrying them! Don’t forget you can stop off for some great breakfast, stop off for some smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels or scrambled eggs on toast!


sunflowers columbia road market

Its not all shopping and spending money in London… You don’t even need to buy anything! Its just nice to people watch and get out for a Sunday stroll.