Top 5 books for bloggers

Top 5 books for bloggers to launch a career in blogging. Now that’s not to say these are the key to success! Just a little helping hand that could prevent a few tears. (All of these images with my top 5 books for bloggers are shoppable from Amazon – I’ve done the hard bit, So just click!). It’s no secret that we’re all hoping for a bit of success, but just because we gain a little bit of insight, doesn’t mean we should keep it to ourselves! The blogging industry is competitive, So I thought i’d share some of my finds. I hope you enjoy them! Please comment below if you found them helpful.

books for bloggers

Most of you already know Pepe and Co isn’t your every day fashion blog – We cover lifestyle, travel, food… But whatever genre blog you have, or maybe it doesn’t even have a category, these books will be useful to all of you.

top five books for bloggers

If you haven’t seen this book on Instagram then frankly you need to pay more attention! We all know Instagram is a shop window for our much loved blog, or why else would we need a sheet of marble wallpaper? Oh come on… We couldn’t possibly ALL have marble kitchen counters… It’s all down to the tricks of the trade. And I thought I’d help a blogger out. This is the first of my top 5 books for bloggers:
Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform

Capture your style is a fantastic book to read, be inspired again, go back to basics, remind yourself of your key objectives. Your mission statement. Plus, you’ll be learning from the best! Everything from working with huge brands, establishing yourself as a key influencer… and mastering your own style.

Capture your style book - books for bloggers

First things first, If you’re the next best thing since Zoella! Or you’re just giving blogging a go. You need to find your uniqueness. You might be a one man band, but your writing is part of your brand. It all needs to look, feel, sound like you! How to style your brand is a fantastic book to start. Even if your degree is in brand marketing. Trust me.

How to Style Your Brand: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Distinctive Brand Identity

how to style your brand book cover - books for bloggers

If you want to find out the real struggles and follow a journey to stardom then this might be your answer. Out of my top books for bloggers, This i feel is the most inspirational. Something we can all relate to. This will fix your bloggers block and get you right back to what you love doing most.
The Million Dollar Blog

The Million Dollar Blog - books for bloggers

For the Go hard or go home Instagrammers, It’s likely that you’ll want a few expert tips… Its a very short book, but a bible none the less…
Instagram: The Complete Instagram Marketing Guide – Learn How To Gain Followers And Build A Brand! (Social Media Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Instagram Tips).

instagram books for bloggers

I can’t shout loud enough about getting your Instagram game right… Thats not to say mine is perfect, god knows it will always need work, as new ideas and trends come and go. But what I do know is 68% of my blog traffic comes from my Instagram. Now thats something I can’t ignore.

Blogging your way to the Front Row… Obviously this one is aimed at Fashion bloggers, but never rule out gaining expertise from those who have already ‘been there and done that’ – There is a lot we can learn from those who have ‘made it’ Take a look at FASHION 2.0: Blogging Your Way To The Front Row.: The insider’s guide to turning your fashion blog into a profitable business and launching a new career.: Volume 1

blogging your way to the front row books for bloggers

It is full of helpful resources that you’re going to want to know about and inspirational chapters that will get you geared up for a successful year blogging. The author, Yuli Ziv quit her executive job in NYC at a top digital agency to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. Since then she has been at the forefront of the fashion blogging world and has produced some of the first large scale blogger campaigns for renowned brands including Lancome. Many which have earned thousands of dollars. (We’d all like a bit of that wouldn’t we?)

I really hope these are useful! I’d love to hear what you think.

Roseanna x