Argo Lounge Peterborough

I’m always on the hunt for dog friendly places. We’re kind of new around here so when we found out about the prospect of stacking pancakes, maple syrup and streaky bacon, all with Pepé in tow… we were pretty keen to try out the popular spot in town.

pepe in dog friendly argo lounge

Taking  your four legged pooch can be somewhat of a nightmare and sometimes you want something a little different to a dog friendly country pub.

pepe the dog in dog friendly argo lounge

Apparently there are 50 lounges across the UK, but the only one i’ve ever been to is this one and I adore it! Expect a crazy amount of hanging lampshades, random furniture (Chesterfield roll back sofas and garden seats) and paintings of every size up on the walls.

argo lounge walls peterborough dog friendly

It reminded me a bit of Cosy Club, but thats actually because its a sister company of the Argo Lounge chain.

When you walk in there is the cutest pot of puppy treats and a polite sign on etiquette when bringing your pooch in to dine with you. Now THATS dog friendly.

dog friendly etiquette sign

Their Menu caters for every meal time and craving in between! From an instagrammable brunch…

eggs benedict

Cocktails to a beef burger. (yum). Take a look at these giant Pain au Chocolat…

pain au chocolat

I had a Watermelon Iced tea… It was yummy! There are alcoholic cocktails too, I recommend the Blackberry bramble!

watermelon iced tea

Its certainly one of the nicer places to go in Peterborough. Perhaps somewhere to take the parents when they’re in town. Or a nice date perhaps?

dog friendly argo lounge view