The Tetford Chesterfield

Many things change… but not the fact that i’m a princess.

What is a more fitting bed than one from Lords & Labradors? Pepé has just become the proud owner of a Tetford Concept Chesterfield Dog Bed… and what a master piece this is! Beautifully hand made and finished entirely by hand.


This Chesterfield is in Regency Stripe Ticking fabric, the cushion is fully machine washable but if you have a mucky pup I would strongly suggest getting a slip cover for it.


What I love most about these beds is the fact that they don’t really look like a dog bed, they are a talking piece and aren’t an eye sore in the house. Lets face it, many dog beds just end up being a scraggy cushion or blanket turfed in to the corner.


The Lords & Labradors Dog Chesterfields also come in a corner style which fits neatly in to any room for ultimate space saving, Pepé loves hers as she can get optimum curl up space! It doesn’t look like she’s sharing…

Thanks Lords & Labradors,

It’s perfect!!